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Resiliencia, La otra Cuba -

Expo Arte Contemporaneo Cubano de Artistas en el Exilio
Northrup King Building located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.
Minneapolis, MN USA - Oct 1- Nov 8, 2015

Curators: Ciro Quintana, AlexandrasArt954


Co-Curator:Pedro Vizcaino
Catalog available

When:Opening Reception: September 13. 7-10pm
Sept 13 - Oct 6,2013

Where:Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center
111 SW 5th Avenue

Sponsored By:VistaFarms.s.e.
Jerome J O'Neill
tel (787) 837-9077

" Works on Paper "

In defense of paper....

"Works on Paper", organized by Alexandra's Art 954, claims the value of drawing within contemporary Cuban art and artistic support role as gathering the works of 30 artists living outside the island in each of the exhibits, the role has served as a territory to capture the aesthetic and existential concerns of these artists, who belong to different generations but share a common interest in exploring the endless possibilities this medium offers. Here the paper becomes the vehicle to address issues as diverse as motherhood, femininity, sexuality, politics, religion, landscape, traditions, memory, exile, loneliness, the stereotypes created by the society, the search for identity, and even aesthetic explorations delve into the history of art.


Luis Cruz Azaceta Robaldo Rodriguez
Jose Bedia Fernando Garcia
Aurora Molina Carlos Garcia de la Nuez
Lourdes Porrata Reinero Marin
Ana Mendieta Eudaldo Crespo
Pedro Vizcaino Yampier sardinas
Adriano Buergo Laura Rodriguez
Pablo Cano
Carlos Alfonzo
Margarita Garcia
Ana Albertina Delgado
Teresa Ortiz
Margarita Cano
Nestor Arenas
Juan Damas
Carlos Estevez
Alexander Arrechea
Jose Franco
Gustavo Acosta
Ernesto Capdevila
Ciro Quintana
Cesar Trasobares
Ahmed Gomez

AlexandrasArt954 Expo: "Cachita" at Belen Jesuit (February 2013)

Faturing: Jose Bedia, Cesar Beltran, Carlos Caballero, Ariel Cabrera, Margarita Cano, Carlos R Cardenas, Consuelo Castaneda, Tomas Esson, Amed Gomez Peralta, Glexis Novoa, Eduardo Michael, Rodolfo Peraza, Ciro Quintana, Tomas Sanchez, Leandro Soto and Angel Vapor.

AlexandrasArt Expo: "Next Stop"